Richard Forrest

I have worked with computers since 1979, when I was involved in the installation of large and very expensive xxxx CAD system (half a million pounds for something that can now be done better on a £500 PC!). An architect by training, I worked for 18 years in the profession for a number of practices and as in-house architect for a large industrial corporation. Some areas of computing expertise were developed through professional work - CAD and use of word-processors in particular. The interest has also developed at home since 1984 , stating with a Sinclair ZX-81 and progressing since then through series of machines to a high-spec PC. I'm not a computer freak - my interest has always been in working with computers, not playing games. I have been programming since I bought my first machine, and took a training course in systems analysis in 1993.

My interests are not limited to computers and computing. I have been involved in research in palaeontology, have written three novels and take photographs in the limited spare time left when looking after a large family.

My career so far


Helping people with computers.

Nottingham Trent University

Managment training.

Fairhursts Design Group

Manchester, Stralsund and St.Petersburg: Architect running regional office in Germany, and involved in large project in Russia

Self-employed and training

Developing management consultancy practice.
Training in computer programming and systems analysis.

Cartwright Woollatt

Architect, involved in the design and construction of a large private school, and various aspects of practice management. Established the routine use of PCs' for recording information on drawing issues, schedules, specification, and sub-contractor tendering.

Briffa Phillips, St Albans

Architect, dealing with a wide range of small to medium sized projects.