When I started this company, I spent most of my time designing and developing databases.

This is not because I love databases, but because for most small and medium sized companies, especially those in service industries, the efficient and effective handling of data is essential if their IT systems are to be used effectively.

Over the years I have built up considerable expertise in using databases, mainly Microsoft Access. I don't choose Access because it is a particularly good database, but because it's what most clients have on their machines.

such as?

A databases is a way of getting the information you already have on your computer into a form which allows you to ask questions and get information. One of my clients runs a business dealing in second-hand agricultural equipment, which he sells on commision. His database keeps track of his 'For Sale' list, and he can print out an up-to-date list any time. His his web site,, is updated each time he adds a new batch of equipment, or makes a sale. It also keeps track of his invoices and mailing lists. Being on a database allows him to get at the click of a mouse information which previously could have taken hours to find.


Working as an architect I was instrumental in setting up computerised systems, not only CAD, but also document handling and control systems.

I provide a CAD service to a number of clients whose needs are too infrequent to justify the high cost of CAD software and training, but who may occasionally need to produce high-quality plans and other technical drawings

Digital Imaging

The world of photography has changed dramatically with the advent of cheap, high-quality digital cameras. These images can be manipulated and enhanced using appropriate software. I have had considerable experience of a number of different imaging programmes.

I can also advise on equipment and software most suitable for your needs.