Internet Services

The growth of the internet over the past few years has been phenomenal. The low entry cost makes it an essential tool for all businesses, and even a low-cost option can be very effective in promoting your business

Domain Name Registration

It doesn't take much time to check what is available. Call me on 0115 714 2381, and I can usually check there and then and register your name straight away. That way you can be up and ready for business on the internet within a couple of days.

Web Hosting and email

The first step to establishing a web presence can be a simple site, and your own email address.

Web Sites

It's possible to set up your own site with very little experience and a minimal amount of training. If you plan a larger site, I can help you set it up in such a way that it can be easily expanded and modified. It is possible by linking a web site to a database to give you direct access to some pages on the site, so that dates for events, or prices can be changed.

On-line Databases

Databases allow sites to be set up in such a way that details can be changed from any computer with access to the internet, and which demands very little expertise on the part of the user. I've put a demonstration notice board onto this site here. You can add, edit and delete notices by following a few simple instructions, so feel free to have a go. This type of application is very useful if, for example, you have a list of events you want to add and change on your site. It could also be used to add email addresses to a mailing database, keep an on-line menu up-to-date, display pictures, or any of a huge range of possibilities. The only limit is your imagination.